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Ski mountaineering is an exceptionally hazardous activity which often results in severe injuries and death. Any person purchasing, or using our equipment, assumes the responsibility for seeking proper training in its use. They also assume all risk for injury, or damage, sustained while using any of our equipment. Our equipment is not to be used for any other purpose other than which it is intended. Failure to follow these warnings increase the risk of injury or death. B & D Precision is not, and shall not, be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or other types of damages arising out of, or resulting from, the use of our products.

Always test your gear before heading to the backcountry!

Adapter/Shift Plates

Adapters on SkisB & D Ski Gear makes Adapters to mount Dynafit bindings on a 4 hole telemark pattern.

Shift plates to move mounting position of Telemark bindings to optimize the mount.

Heel shifts to allow you to move Dynafit heels forward and back to gain extra adjustment.

Unless noted all of our adapters and shift plates are machined out on the underside removing material to make them as lightweight as possible, while maintaining the stiffness needed for solid edging performance.

See Below for Details

Adapter and Shift Plate Products

Tele Shift Plates
Standard 4 Hole Telemark Shift Plates.

These plates allow you to move the binding forward or back 3cm ( 6cm total) in 1 cm increments to experiment with mounting positions. They also allow you to mount a 3 hole telemark binding using the 4 hole pattern. The plates utilize the standard 4 hole tele pattern.

Due to demand from hard chargers who are prone to rip telemark bindings out of their skis, we have added an additional, optional, mounting hole to the rear of our shift plate. This should help keep you animals on the slopes.

Tele Shift Plates
Note the fifth mounting hole on the right side of the toe plate.

1/4" Thick Aluminum.
Weighs 330 gms/ set (11.7 OZ)

Adapter Pricing

Telemark to Dynafit $89.95
4 Hole Tele to HH/Axl/Vise $79.95
3 to 4 Hole Tele ADAPT $53.95

Shift Plate Pricing

HH/Axl/Vise Shift Plates $79.95
Std Tele Shift Plates $85.95
Dynafit Toe Shift Only $59.95
Dynafit Heel Shift Only $49.95


Screws for Insert Skis $0.30 Each

Contact us for additional sizes or custom orders.

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Tele to Dynafit Adapter
Dynafit adapter to mount Dynafit bindings on a ski drilled for 4 hole telemark bindings.

These adapters allow you to mount Dynafit bindings and provide 53 mm total range of adjustment.

The adapter has truing screws to align the toe with the heel and forward/aft adjustment to get proper positioning of binding on ski.

1/4" Thick Aluminum.
Weighs 250 gms/ set (8.7 OZ)

Dynafit Heel Shift
Dynafit Heel Shift Plate

Our dynafit heel shift plate lets you to move your heel-piece in 6mm increments forward and back allowing you to adapt to different size boots without re-drilling. Total shift 36 mm (18mm front and 18mm back). Custom versions available for increased range. Includes all screws needed.

Note middle position is negated due to mounting screws.

1/4" Thick Aluminum.
Weighs 130 gms/ set (4.5 OZ)

3 Hole to 4 Hole Telemark Adapters

These toe plates are used to mount a standard 4 hole telemark binding to a ski using the old 3 hole pattern. Heel pieces are not included since the screw spacing for the heel unit is identical.

1/4" Thick Aluminum.
Weighs 120 gms/ set (4.2 OZ)

HH/Axl/Vise Adapters/Shift Plates

HH_to_4 Hole

Our 4 hole telemark standard to HH/Axl/Vise adapter plates allow you to mount your Hammer Head, Axl, or Vise bindings utilizing a standard 4 hole telemark pattern. These adapter plates allow you to shift your bindings a total of 7.5 cm in 1.25 cm increments.

HH_to_4 Hole

Our HH/Axl/Vise shift plates allow you to shift your Hammer Head, Axl, or Vise bindings a total of 7.5 cm in 1.25 cm increments. The screws to mount the shift plates cause you to lose your original mounting position.

Both versions are 1/4" thick aluminum
and weigh 300 gms/ set (10 1/2 OZ).

Tech Toe w/ Tele Cable Adapter

Cable Adapter with Boot Cable Adapter on Ski

After playing around a few years we finally came up with somthing that fit our criteria and and we really enjoy skiing. A very Smooth progressive heel tension. Full range of motion without the high activity of many current bindings. This is not going to satisfy the needs of the high activity crowd, but is sweet for those that like to feel the skis and have a more free feeling. Needs to be skied with cuff unlocked. Best with speed bindings or similar.

  • Zero friction toe pivot during touring
  • Lightweight setup
  • Smooth progressive heel tension
  • No rocker launch
  • Knee to ski capabilities
  • 8 oz per set. of plates

Our kit avoids the high activeness of similar setups while allowing easy adjustability. This kit was designed to be used with Voile hardwire cables, and Scarpa F1/F3 and NTN boots.


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