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Ski mountaineering is an exceptionally hazardous activity which often results in severe injuries and death. Any person purchasing, or using our equipment, assumes the responsibility for seeking proper training in its use. They also assume all risk for injury, or damage, sustained while using any of our equipment. Our equipment is not to be used for any other purpose other than which it is intended. Failure to follow these warnings increase the risk of injury or death. B & D Precision is not, and shall not, be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or other types of damages arising out of, or resulting from, the use of our products.

Always test your gear before heading to the backcountry!

Crampon Locks

Crampon Lock DetailCrampon locks provide a fixed mode for your B & D ski crampons. They are available for use with Dynafit, Telemark, and Fritschi bindings.

B & D Ski Gear makes crampons locks in 2 widths, standard and wide.

Wide locks are recommended for crampons 110 mm and wider, or for individuals that weigh more than 200 lbs ( 91 kg). The wide locks are also used with Dynafit FT bindings that have a rib running from the toe piece to heel piece. These locks are need because a bridge is needed to lift the lock over the rib. Ensure you order a lock bridge if using locks with a FT binding.

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Crampon Locks and Accessories

Standard Lock
Standard Lock w/o Groove

Locks for Dynafit applications do not need groove, as with Fritschi bindings, but will work with or without a groove.

Weighs 40 gms/ set (1.5 OZ)

Wide Lock
Wide Lock w/ Groove

Wide crampon locks are suggested for use on crampons 110mm and wider and for Dynafit FT bindings which also need a Bridge added to raise the lock over the rib.

Weighs 50 gms/ set (1.8 OZ)


B & D Ski Gear locks are only approved for use on our crampons. They should not be used with the official Dynafit brand ski crampons. Their crampons have a taper on the back of the crampon which may cause our locks to fail.

Std Lock Mounted
Fritschi with standard crampon lock.

Std Fritschi Lock
Standard Lock for Fritschi binding applications.

Note groove added to clear Fritschi beam.

Crampon locks with the "Fritschi Groove" will still work with other crampons.

Fritschi compatible crampon locks weigh the same as their standard counter parts.

Crampon Lock Disengaged
Crampon Lock Disengaged.

Crampon Lock Engaged
Crampon Lock Engaged.

Crampon Locks

Standard Locks

Fritschi Locks

FT Bridge

FT Bridge --$9.00/set

For use on Dynafit FT in conjunction with a wide crampon lock.

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