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Ski mountaineering is an exceptionally hazardous activity which often results in severe injuries and death. Any person purchasing, or using our equipment, assumes the responsibility for seeking proper training in its use. They also assume all risk for injury, or damage, sustained while using any of our equipment. Our equipment is not to be used for any other purpose other than which it is intended. Failure to follow these warnings increase the risk of injury or death. B & D Precision is not, and shall not, be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or other types of damages arising out of, or resulting from, the use of our products.

Always test your gear before heading to the backcountry!

Remember: Ski crampons are meant to be used in conjunction with climbing skins. They are NOT a replacement for climbing skins.

Tech Crampons

Dynafit Compatible CramponsB & D Ski Gear makes crampons compatible with all models of Dynafit bindings. We recently improved our crampon forming process. This allows us to form more rigid and consistently formed crampons. There are 2 styles of crampons; Classic and Comfort 07. The Classic model works on all Dynafit TLT, Speed, Race, and pre-07 Comfort bindings without modification to the binding. The Classic model also works with all non-Dynafit tech bindings. With a modification to the binding, it can also be used on all Dynafit bindings. The Comfort 07 model works on all Tech bindings.

Additional information on crampons for use with Scarpa F1/F3 boots is available below.

See Below for Details

Tech Crampons

Comfort 07 Model
Large Cutout Tech Crampon

Note the large cutout. This cutout is to accommodate large rib found in some of the older Dynafit bindings. Even though this crampon comes with a spine to increase stiffness, the posts are required for proper crampon engagement.

These crampons were made with the following Dynafit binding models in mind: Comforts post 2007, Vertical ST, and Vertical FT. It can also be used on all tech bindings, but is not as stiff as the Classic crampon.

For those that are large, or tend to break things, it is suggested that you purchase the Classic model and modify your binding if needed to get the ultimate strength. See to the right.


All crampons are made about 3mm wider inside then the stated width. So, a 100mm crampon is about 103 mm inside and will comfortably fit a 100mm waisted ski.

Crampons come with 2 boot spacers (the black block on crampon pictures). 1/4" and 1/2 ". Most people use the 1/4" with the classic binding and 1/2" with the Comfort/Vertical bindings, but they can be interchanged.

In the 110mm and wider crampons we changed the pressure plates to give more rigidity to the crampon.
Wide Crampon Sample

Click Here for Tech Sheet

Crampon Pricing

Dynafit Classic/Radicals

Your binding and ski waist.

Dynafit Comfort 07 Model

Your binding and ski waist.

Note:(120 mm & above available in Classic model only.)

F1/F3 Crampon Sets (Crampons, Shims, Dual-Height Posts)

Your binding and ski waist.

Crampon Locks


F1/F3 shim set $26.95
F1/F3 Dual-Height Posts $32.95
Dynafit Posts/Spacers $15.95
FT Lock Bridge $9.00

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Classic Model

Note the small cutout. This crampon will fit TLT, Speed, Race and older Comforts that do not have the large rib. This crampon is stronger then the Comfort 07 version and is recommended for large skiers (above 180 lbs, 82 KG), and those that tend to break things. With a modification to the binding (cutting off the rib) this crampon an be used on the newer Comforts, Vertical ST and even the FT if you are really serious. See below.

Dawson Mod
Rib has been cut off on newer Comfort bindings (Dawson mod) which allows the use of a stronger crampon.

Dynafit Radicals

The crampon mount on the new Dynafit Radicals is a little tighter and wider than previous Dynafit crampon mounts. With minor modifications our Dynafit Classic crampons that are already sold will work with all Radical models. All crampons purchased at this time should not require the modifications to the crampon pictured below.

We also have crampons that are specfically designed for the Dynafit Radical bindings. If you would like this version please put that in the order comments.

Crampon Locks

Lock Parts Lock Mounted

Our crampon locks give you the option of providing a fixed mode for your crampons. This gives you the best of both worlds by offering both dynamic and fixed crampon functionality. They come as a set of 2 locks.

Click here to view crampon lock products.

Crampon Weights

Comfort 07 Model Set

83mm -- 250gms (8.7 Oz)
90mm -- 265gms (9.2 Oz)
95mm -- 272gms (9.5 Oz)
102mm -- 282gms (9.8 Oz)
110mm -- 295gms (10.2 Oz)
115mm -- 295gms (10.2 Oz)

Classic Model Set

83mm -- 265gms (9.2 Oz)
90mm -- 278gms (9.7 Oz)
95mm -- 287gms (10 Oz)
102mm -- 297gms (10.3 Oz)
110mm -- 312gms (10.8 Oz)
115mm -- 312gms (10.8 Oz)
120mm -- 320gms (11.2 Oz)
125mm -- 320gms (11.2 Oz)
135mm -- 340gms (11.8 Oz)

Actual weights may be slightly higher or lower based on choice of posts.

Crampon setup for Scarpa F1/F3 boots that need shim under forefoot.

F1/F3 CramponIn Low PositionIn High Position
Crampon w/ Shim----------Post Down-------------Post Up-------

Crampon system that allows the use of a boot shim and has a dual height post that provides better crampon engagement when heel lift is used. Shims are 3 1/4" wide, providing excellent support with maximum edging power.

Click Here for Tech Sheet

Modifications for Dynafit Radicals

File very lightly on the inside portion of the crampon mount where indicated by the red arrows. You want to remove the minimum amount of material needed to allow the crampon to slide into the mount and smooth the surface. You can also lightly pry on the mount, at the red arrows, to open the gap.

Radical Crampon Mount

File very lightly on the inside portion of the crampon where indicated by the red arrow. You want to remove the minimum amount of material needed to allow the crampon rotate freely within the crampon mount.

Filing the Crampon


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