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Ski mountaineering is an exceptionally hazardous activity which often results in severe injuries and death. Any person purchasing, or using our equipment, assumes the responsibility for seeking proper training in its use. They also assume all risk for injury, or damage, sustained while using any of our equipment. Our equipment is not to be used for any other purpose other than which it is intended. Failure to follow these warnings increase the risk of injury or death. B & D Precision is not, and shall not, be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or other types of damages arising out of, or resulting from, the use of our products.

Always test your gear before heading to the backcountry!

Remember: Ski crampons are meant to be used in conjunction with climbing skins. They are NOT a replacement for climbing skins.

Telemark Crampons
OUTLAW crampons available.

Telemark CramponsB & D Ski Gear makes crampons compatible with almost all Telemark bindings. The 7TM, G3 Enzo are the only one that we know of that is not compatible. Two version are available. Standard telemark bindings without springs under the boot sole are available with an adjustable height post and Dual height that has a low and high mode to provide for better crampon engagement when a heel post is in use. Other applications are offered only with a non-adjustable pressure plate/post. Meidjo is being assessed.

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Telemark Crampon Products

Telemark Classic

Standard Telemark Crampon

Our standard telemark crampons are compatible with most Telemark bindings. Due to variations between bindings, some tweaking may be necessary. For instance, items like the cross bar on the BD01 may interfere with the post. Positioning the post properly should result in a functional setup.


All crampons are made about 3mm wider inside then the stated width. So, a 100mm crampon is about 103 mm inside and will comfortably fit a 100mm waisted ski.

Note: Crampons with mount need 4" (101 mm) between the toe piece and heel piece to fit. For those ladies with small feet we will modify crampons to fit if needed, just email us.

Telemark crampons come with mount blocks, screws, and either a standard post or a dual height post with optional spacer.

Classic Telemark Kit

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Crampon Pricing

Standard Telemark

83 mm Telemark STD - $59.95
90 mm Telemark STD - $65.95
95 mm Telemark STD - $68.95
102 mm Telemark STD - $71.95
110 mm Telemark STD - $77.95
115 mm Telemark STD - $81.95
120 mm Telemark STD - $86.95

Dual-Height Telemark

83 mm Telemark DH - $69.95
90 mm Telemark DH - $75.95
95 mm Telemark DH - $78.95
102 mm Telemark DH - $80.95
110 mm Telemark DH - $85.95
115 mm Telemark DH - $90.95
120 mm Telemark DH - $93.95

Axl/Vice & NTN

83 mm Crampon - $63.50
90 mm Crampon - $66.95
95 mm Crampon - $69.95
102 mm Crampon - $71.95
110 mm Crampon - $82.95
115 mm Crampon - $78.95
120 mm Crampon - $82.50


Std Mount Bases w/ Screws $24.00
NTN Mount Bases w/ Screws $27.00
AXL Mount Bases w/ Screws $28.00
OUTLAW Mount Bases w/ Screws $31.50

Std Locks w/ Crampons $38.95
Wide Locks w/ Crampons $41.50
AXL, OUTLAW or NTN Post Set $25.95
Dual-Height Post Set $35.95
Std Tele Post Set $27.95

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Dual Height Telemark

Dual-Height Telemark Crampon

In up mode. Spacers are provided to set height to accommodate most standard telemark bindings.

Low Mode

Dual height telemark post in down mode for use without using your heel lifter.

High Mode

Dual height telemark post in up mode for use with your heel lifter.

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Crampon Locks

Lock Parts Lock Mounted

Our crampon locks give you the option of providing a fixed mode for your crampons. This gives you the best of both worlds by offering both dynamic and fixed crampon functionality. They come as a set of 2 locks.

Click here to view crampon lock products.

HH/Axl Post

Axl/ Vice Telemark Crampon

The Axl posts are attached to the binding rather than the crampon. At this time our crampon locks are not compatible with the HH/Axl crampons. Due to the manner in which the pressure post mounts to the binding these crampons are not offered in a dual-height version.

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NTN Freeride Crampons

NTN Crampon

NTN Freeride crampon with NTN pressure plate/post.

NTN Binding Contact

Drawing showing the NTN Freeride binding contacting the pressure plate/post.

The NTN Freeride crampons come with mount blocks, screws, and pressure plates. At this time our NTN Freeride crampons are not compatible with our crampon locks. Nor do we have a dual-height version available.

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NTN Freedom Crampons

NTN Freedom Crampon

The above picture is of our NTN Freedom Crampon. Note how the cutouts align with the pink ribs in the binding. Our NTN Freedom crampons are available in 83,90, 102, 110, and 115, 120, 125, 135mm widths, and cost the same as our NTN Freeride crampons. Additional widths are available for additional cost.

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The above picture is of our Outlaw Crampon. Our Outlaw crampons are available in 90,95,102, 110, and 115, 120mm widths, . Additional widths are available for additional cost.

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